PC setup and tuition

Just got your new PC and not sure what to do next? Need someone to set up your computer and all of its accessories for you, ensure it’s fully secure and up to date, and then explain to you at your own pace how to get the most out of it? We can optimise your new technology so that it works best for your needs and get you on the right track with protecting your data, privacy and security.

We can also offer buying advice and help you find the most suitable accessories.

Broadband installation, supported switching and optimisation

Your broadband is quickly becoming one of the most important utilities in your home or home office. We can help you install broadband perfectly and guide you to getting the best performance from ADSL, cable or fibre broadband. We can also walk you through your current phone and broadband deal and support you through switching to a faster and better value package.

Virus and malware removal

We have multiple tools and techniques at our disposal to remove any software that’s hindering your PC’s performance or putting your data at risk. If the worst happens, we can help you to recover your data and get your PC back in good health.

System reset

Over time, your PC, Mac or device can fill up with unnecessary bloatware and slow down because of temporary data that’s no longer required. We can reset your device back to its factory settings, giving you back the experience you had when you first opened the box. If you need your data and software backed up, we can ensure everything you need travels back in time with your tech.

Memory and storage upgrade

The two most common upgradeable parts on your desktop or laptop are usually the memory (known as the Random Access Memory) and the storage (either a hard drive or solid state storage module).

Upgrading the memory on your device can improve multitasking performance and breathe a new lease of life into technology that’s been around a while. Whereas upgrading the storage gives your data more room to roam while often speeding up startup and loading times.

We can get the right upgrades for your device and get them installed properly.

Tablet and mobile prep

Just got your new mobile device or tablet and need all your precious photos, contacts and apps moved over? We can unbox your tech, install any accessories you buy with it such as screen protectors and cases and ensure it’s fully up to date and protected.

We’ll make sure you’re fully up to speed with how your new device works and teach you how to keep in touch with the people you care about.